Matt Wilson is the Jones' next door neighbor, Jenna's older brother, Katelyn's cousin, and Ryan's best friend.
Matt is a kind, loving person carefree, headstrong person. He usually is not always charmed with Ryan as in The New Kid in Town, Splitting Up, and The Big Test. He thinks he is control of his life and can do what he wants, as seen in Matt's Christmas , Matt's Misery, and Matt's Wish. (ironcally, all of these episodes involve him getting his just desserts) Matt is considered one of the main characters and appears in every disc in Albulm 1.
Disc 1- The Sky's the Limit
A Job for Mom- This is the first episode Matt ever appears in. He is only at the very beginning though, and is not important to the plot at all.
The Case of the Missing Teacher- Matt, in this episode is the one classmate giving Peter Fishbolt, an FBI agent, info.
Help! Wer'e Trapped in the Tomb Pt. 1- Matt, along with Ryan, Monica, Jenna , and the guide, Almar; are locked in an Egytian tomb.
Disc 2- ?
Help! Wer'e Trapped in the Tomb Pt. 2- Matt plays a minor role in this episode as he is one of the 5 people to be freed from the tomb. He is only in the first scene.
Disc 3- Adventures Galore
Ryan's Game- Matt is really just invited over to Ryan's house before Ryan hears the news about Monica. In this episode Matt is played by a different actor.
A Trip to Alaska- Matt , along with Jenna, Monica, Ryan, and Mrs. Jones; go to Alaska as one of the replacement trips for the epic scam that Egypt was. Plus, Matt is tazered by a shady stranger.
Matt's Christmas- Matt thinks that he can get everything he wants for Christmas in this episode.
Disc 4- At Home and Abroad
The New Kid in Town- When Tommy, a new kid moves in, Ryan wants to hang out with him, but Matt thinks Tommy is weird, and says that Ryan can only be his friend or Tommy's friend.
Splitting Up- Matt's friendship with Ryan is jeopardized, so he tries to make up.
The Montana Mysteries Pt 1, 2, and 3- Along with Jenna, Ryan, and Monica. He tries to uncover the truth about a strange mystery.
Hard Times- Matt has a big part in this episode when he is one who is tricked by Jenna's "death".
Disc 5- Darkness Before Dawn
Matt's Misery- Matt , who thinks he is free and in control runs away from his mom, who is insulting him by calling him abnormal, runs away, and is hit by a car.
The Secret Room Pt 1- Matt along with Monica and Ryan discover a secret room in the school.
Checkmate- Like the episode Ryan's game Matt is played by a different actor. In this episode, one of Lars' men tells Matt he must steal Mrs